Hi there, I am Alex. I have been working in finance and analytics the past 7 years. Assemblinganalytics (AA) is a place to discuss the current practices and trends in the analytics world. This world is exploding, everybody wants to do big data, but do we really understand it? Not always. You will see that a theme of AA is linking insights to results. There is no point in building dashboards and reports if no measureable outcome comes out of them. The other theme of AA is using the right tools and avoid the hype. The analytics ecosystem is very big and it keeps growing, how to identify the right solutions? One challenge here is that no respectable analytics architecture is done with 1 solution and 1 vendor, it is usually a mix of them (unless you use Excel for everything, in which case please, please, look for alternatives). So the quest becomes building the right architecture.

I hope you enjoy the articles and demos here, if you have any questions, comments or feedback, please send me an email using the contact form.