Free consulting call

I offer 1 free call with no strings attached on anything analytics. You can contact me with your time zone and I will answer back with my time proposals for the meeting. Normally I use either google talk or whatsapp for the call.

Why am I doing this? Couple of main reason:

  • I am always interested in hearing about real life challenges in analytics. This also helps me tremendously in coming up with more articles for my site
  • I offer a training program with personalized support that you won’t easily find anywhere else, you can read more here
  • I offer consulting services on analytics architecture, systems and analytics support on existing software solutions (Superset, Tableau,, Looker, etc.)

You don’t need to request neither my training nor consulting services – if there is something analytics that you want to discuss I’ll be open to set up a call with you.

You can contact me using the form below.