Tableau Pivot Table element – build an Excel Pivot Table in Tableau

If your audience is coming from an Excel heavy and classic BI world, they will be asking pivot tables all the time, no matter how many charts you do for them in Tableau. I believe this is a transition phase that many Tableau implementations go through and you have 2 choices:

  • You say no and your users will probably end up duplicating your work in Excel just to do pivot tables themselves
  • You say yes and you make it better than Excel while you start nudging them towards a more graphical approach

I usually go for the second option of course.


Exporting a Tableau viz data into Excel (html Excel button)

Rolling out Tableau to 500+ users is challenging, especially if your users are coming from old BI tools like BOBJ or Cognos. The first question most of them will ask is: where is the Excel download? Yet Tableau does not have an Excel download option, only csv. Yes, you can open csv in Excel, but unfortunately, csv is problematic when you are dealing with an international audience as dots and commas get misinterpreted when you open the file in Excel. This is bad as it messes with the numbers, which is the reason why users are downloading files in the first place. There is no direct Excel download from Tableau that I know off, so I built one.