Challenge – Set up Python for business analytics and data crunching today (in under 1 hour)

Python is a powerful open source (and free) programming tool. You can do and automate everything with Python.

Python is now at a such level of maturity that it is used by businesses of all types (not only the Google types). It is getting increasingly popular in business settings for data science and analytics.

I created a quick challenge that will get you coding and data crunching in Python in under 1 hour, to get started, follow these steps:

And then try to answer those questions using Python and the Pandas library on the Anaconda platform:

  • Get the top 10 of something (i.e. top 10 regions in terms of sales)
  • Count of something (i.e. how many customers?)
  • Sum of something
  • Max of something (i.e. biggest customer)

You can post your answer and solutions in the comments below and I’ll give you my feedback. If you need help or have questions, also just ask below in the comments.

Bonus exercise. Now cascade this exercise down into a company or team. What additional challenges do you see and why?