How to automate cohort analysis and charting with Python and Matplotlib – The Python Cohort Charting Cookbook

When you are dealing with potentially hundreds or thousands of customers, the rate at which those customers come or leave is a critical KPI. Especially when it comes to certain industries like SaaS companies, customers are coming and going all the time. In fact, the rates at which clients come and go can also change drammatically based on different factors like marketing campaigns, price segmentation, price changes, etc..


Analytics and Dashboards with ElasticSearch and Kibana, setup and link to a demo

Today we will have a look at how to setup an analytics dashboard with the Elastic suite, specifically at Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash.

The Elastic suite is a set of applications made to provide everything needed to build a data analysis system fully integrated with existing software, be it an ecommerce like Salesforce or a custom-made platform, like Django or Rails-based applications.