Drill down bars using dashboard action filter

Dashboard action filters are a powerful way to do drill downs in Tableau. Most users will want to dig into the details once a problem has been identified, drill downs are a great way to allow for that type of exploration. In this dashboard we have created a quick component that you can apply in many other settings with your own data.

One other thing to keep in mind is that bar charts with value labels are not that far from Excel crosstabs or pivot tables. Thus, bart charts are a good way to visualize data for an audience that is coming from a spreadsheets heavy background.

Download the workbook here

Enable self-service BI and Analytics with SeekTable – a super simple online pivot table solution

There are many dashboard solutions out there these days. They all compete on similar features like top visualizations, data connectivity, usability and simple data processing. The simplest form of self-service analytics, however, is not getting much love from these solutions. And what is the simplest form of self-service analytics? Well… pivot tables of course.